Coronation DC 2014

Coronation Double Century 2014 The Double Century or “DC” is a highlight of the South African road-riding calendar. It is a 200km single stage team race starting in Swellendam and progressing up the Trudaux pass, winding through breathtaking scenery that includes premier vineyards and I am reliably informed the home of the dried fruit industryContinue reading “Coronation DC 2014”

IMSA 2014

Race registration at the tenth addition of IMSA was slick and the expo has doubled in size. In spite of adding 500 entries the racking procedure and pre-race formalities were all conducted professionally and with minimal drama. I decided to be a scavenger. I would take advantage of all of the sponsored food and drinkContinue reading “IMSA 2014”

14 March – For Del

Good afternoon and thank you to all of you that have made it to the church today. Today is a significant day.  It is a very mathematical and symmetrical day. The 14th of March, written as 3.14, is national Pi day since 3, 1, and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in theContinue reading “14 March – For Del”